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River East AA Marauders

2020-21 AA Year End Report

This was my first year as VP AA Marauders and what a year for it to be your first. The season started semi normal. Try outs went well. We had some Covid issues with the U13 that required some re-scheduling of skates. It was a bit of a challenge for the instructors as they only had 19 athletes on the ice at once, but on the other hand it was great for evaluators. We had one of coaches given the sports star of the week from CTV. Matt Betker is a first-time coach with the AA U13 program. He did a great job after the season was cancelled keeping his team working and interacting. I hope he will continue for this upcoming season.

Team creation was a bit of a challenge. And concrete draft rules will be incorporated for the upcoming season. This way there won’t be any ambiguity for what each coach wants to do.

The U13 teams, we had a returning coach and a new coach. That level went well. The U15 teams had a first-time coach as well as a parent coach for these teams. Draft rules were discussed and understood beforehand only to be challenged at the time of the draft and having one coaching staff being released of their duties. Another parent coach was hired, and the draft went smoothly. U18 had some issues because of the high school program cancelling hockey for the 2020-2021 yr. This change resulted in a lot more athletes trying out for the U18 team creating a discussion for a second team. It was decided that we would continue with one team for this season. That will need to be revisited this season if there are any changes to the high school program.

I have reached out to the current coaches to see what their plans are for next season as far as coaching goes. Brent Nemeth and his staff want to continue with U13 for the upcoming season. Matt Betker is still undecided. I hope to hear from him soon. Adam Boge would like to continue as a U15 coach. Paul Tataryn is probably not going to coach as he foresees his son to play A1 next year as he will move into the U18 age group. Barry Rochelle has expressed that he would like to coach the U18 team this upcoming season. If all goes well, we may be only looking for 1 U15 coach. I will discuss with Jarred and Nolan to see how they feel as they are on the coach selection committee.

Cory Cockriell


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