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2020-2021 Ice Directors Annual Report

Stats for the past season.

Development Camp/Clinics

Tryouts A Hockey 111 Hours
Tryouts AA Hockey 70 Hours
Tryouts Female Hockey 23 Hours
Development Camp/Clinics 51 hours

Game Ice Allocations

AA & Direct Entry 0 games played 0 hrs used
East League 0 games played 0 hrs used
House League 0 games played 0 hrs used

Practice Ice Allocations

AA/Direct Entry/House League/East League 315 hours provided
Garson 12 hours provided

Playoff Ice Allocations

No playoffs were held

Ice costs (per hour) for this past season:

City ice  $216.30
Gateway $216.50
East St Paul $215.00
Garson $194.25 weekday
$173.25 weekends

Ice costs (per hour) for the upcoming season:

City ice TBD
Gateway TBD
East St Paul 217.50
Garson TBD

Who would have thought when this season started that covid would have had such an impact on our hockey program? Everyone on the board worked diligently to make the programs work but unfortunately it just couldnít happen.

The season was full of deadlines coming and going. Game ice was sent for scheduling to Hockey Winnipeg on three occasions. A major change due to covid occurred at East St. Paul. Their council decided they would extend breaks between their ice times from the usual 15 minutes to 30 minutes. In addition they indicated they werenít allowing 1.5 hour games to be scheduled. These changes would have caused some issues with game scheduling but in the end it was a moot point.

Another substantial change this year was East League game scheduling was also handed over to Hockey Winnipeg. This is the first time in my tenure as ice director that this occurred. Iím not sure if this will happen again next season. Personally I prefer the setup the way it was with East League meeting twice a year to schedule all of the games. The system worked well and I hope we go back to it.

House league games were also re-scheduled three different times coinciding with different start dates.

When spring rolled around, there was some optimism that an abbreviated season with development being the catalyst might occur. As a result, teams were provided some options for ice at River East and Terry Sawchuk arenas. I would like to thank Nolan Shortridge for scheduling all of the practice times.

I would like to mention the sad news we received this year with the passing of Ray Nault. I got to know Ray through his affiliation with the board and East League. Ray was a dedicated volunteer who always had our kidsí best intentions in mind. Ray will be missed.

I would like to thank all of the members of the board. We had a number of new persons elected this season and unfortunately due to covid restrictions, our meetings were very limited and we couldnít get to know each other. I am optimistic that we will have a normal season starting in fall of 2021.

In closing, I would like to thank Sherri Quesnel for her patience and assistance this past season. In addition, thanks to Nancy Plustwa from East St. Paul and John Delacruz VP House League for their input and help as well.

Have a safe summer.

Jernej Anderlic
Ice Director


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