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Drill #5

Source: www.FlexCoach.com

One Puck Continuous Drill 2 on 2

Game Simulation 2 on 2, 3 on 2

Key Elements
Puck Support/Move puck quickly, Attack w/speed and at 1 defenseman, Use of open space and indirects, Gap control / defense on a hinge, Outlet pass under pressure

Four even groups of forwards positioned at the blue lines, two defensemen start at one blue line. The goalie starts with a puck on the whistle two forwards at the same end on the blue line as the defenseman skate into position on the half boards to receive the outlet pass from the goalie. The two forwards attack the defenseman 2 on 2 down the ice to the other end as they enter the zone the two forwards at this blue line skate into position along with the next defenseman that will play the following 2 on2 back the other way. 1. Goalie can make the outlet pass. 2. Loose puck can be taken by waiting forwards 3. Offensive forwards pressure the puck or continue play until puck clears the blue line. 4. if a goal is scored the puck is retrieved by the defenseman and is to break out the forwards that are on the half boards in position.

Add 3 forwards to create 3 on 2 situations

Game like situation 2 on 2, Goalie can make the out let pass to the forwards.





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