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2020- 2021 Directors Year End Report

As you all know, the 2020-21 season was truly a case of making the best from a terrible situation. We began the season providing our rust buster program for our house league program for U7 and U9, which before the shut down had gotten 5 of the 6 sessions completed. We entered into an agreement with Vigier Hockey to provide female instructors for our development skates for our Female Program, which from the small amount that took place, we had great feedback.

We were able to put on a hitting clinic for all U15 players who were entering body contact this year. We offered 2 options which were a Body Checking clinic or a Body Contact clinic. Both taught the techniques and skills related to protecting your self on the ice in a body contact game, but also in the Body Checking clinic were the skills to properly give and receive a body check. We made this change away from only offering a Body Checking Clinic because we still have a lot of players either in our Female Program or U15 playing A2 or A3 where the games still involve a lot of body contact even if body checking is not allowed. We were able to get 56 players through the clinic, which based on ice availability and restrictions on group sizes at the time, the clinics were well attended. We will be looking to do them again in the fall.

Two other initiatives I tried to organize got ultimately stopped due to the shut down at the end of October. I had ice times booked and 1 coach from every team committed to attend a clinic on how to teach power skating. I also was in the plans on doing the same for each team to have a coach who took a clinic in basic goaltending instruction. Both of those clinics will be organized again in the fall.

We were also scheduling our REMHA Development skates for each team with Bowen Barrett and Ryan Bonni, however that also got cancelled before it could get going.

When the Province allowed for us to resume team activities outdoor, we immediately organized teams that were interested in returning to practice on 5 of our outdoor Community Club rinks. With interest from more than two-thirds of the teams, we were able to get teams back on the ice for as much ice as the weather would allow us.

In March when the Province allowed indoor practices, due to the health restrictions we had a number of teams and players choose not to participate, either due to the orders themselves or because scrimmaging would no longer be able to take place. However, I was still pleased to see that a number of teams were able to return to indoor practices. Due to the nature of the grouping size on the ice, the teams that did practice were able to work on fundamental skills and small area battle drills which are always great to improve.

For the month of March, REMHA was able to assign indoor ice to teams looking to continue practicing, however in April, teams were allowed to keep practicing, but needed to arrange their own ice. I was happy to see that some did. Overall, as I said at the start of this report, we made the best out of a terrible situation. I am optimistic that next fall will be a return to a more normal season and am looking forward to it.

Thanks, Nolan Shortridge


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