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Presidents Report - Rule/ Team Formation Changes For 2015-16
June 24th, 2015

This past season saw several significant changes with On Line Registration being implemented, introduction of the Respect In Sport Parent program, and the start of the Checking In program by the Winnipeg Police Service. While not everything worked as easily as advertised in the On Line registration process, the lessons learned will be applied this coming season including standardized club fees for the Area.

Rule changes & team formation changes for the 2015-16 season of significance are:

  1. Juvenile hockey will no longer be offered by Hockey Winnipeg.
  2. Minor Midget has been reinstated at the “A” level. The midget AA program however will continue to include the 15/16/17 year olds.
  3. 3. The Temporary Player rule is changing – may T.P. a total of 10 games total per season. (no longer 5 in each half.)
  4. 4. A3 hockey for Minor Bantam and up will now be played under Non Body Checking rules. Demand for this program has increased over recent years, no doubt in part as information regarding concussions has grown in prominence. (Several Provinces as well as the Greater Toronto Region have eliminated Body Checking from all levels of “A” hockey.)
  5. 5. All “A’ hockey teams from Novice A1 and up will now be Area formed teams with the Royals continuing to identify the A1 program. The A2 and A3 teams will however continue to be hosted by Community Centres to maintain that identity in the program. Team formation policies will be updated to reflect the fact that wherever two teams or more are entered in a category, a draft according to ability must be conducted & will reflect the policies previously adopted for A1. A formula to ensure team placement by representation in the program has been adopted and will ensure all Centres are represented. This step forward brings REMHA into line with every other Area in the City.

Registration for the 2015-16 season is only a month or so away – projected to open August 1st On Line and the In Person dates for those that wish to pay cash etc. will be held as follows and open to residents of any one of our Centres:

Date Time Location
September 3rd 7:00 - 9:00 PM Valley Gardens C.C.
September 8th 7:00 - 9:00 PM Chalmers C.C.
September 9th 7:00 - 9:00 PM Gateway C.C.

Thank you,
Garth Nolan, President

REMHA Power Conditioning Camps for 2015
June 7th, 2015

REMHA is once again offering a Power Conditioning Camps for players from 8-14 at Gateway Recreation Centre. 

Dates:      August 18th to September 2nd (approx.)
Location: Gateway Recreation Centre

  Conditioning Development
Age 9-14 8
Hours 10 6
Fees $190.00 $100.00 ($130.00 for non-REMHA players)**

**Note: Development Camp is $100.00 for REMHA players and $130.00 for players non-REMHA players.

Please check out the River East Power Conditioning Camps for further details and pricing information.

Registration forms are available here.  Registration and payments must be received by August 18th.  You can mail or drop them off directly at our PO Box in the PharmaCare at P.O. Box 35057, 963 Henderson Hwy.

For further information, please contact our Development Director, Guy Burr.

  REMHA House  League - Year End Report
May 27th, 2015

As we begin to enjoy the outdoors, we have time to pause and reflect on the past hockey season.

The hockey development camp “Rust Busters” in the beginning of the year is one of the most important development camps that REMHA undertakes each year. The feedback from parents regarding the program and its instructors was exceptionally positive. Some parents I’ve spoken to believe it’s one of the best in the city. All the credit goes to the special on ice instructors that provide their expertise and patience to teach players with a wide range of skill level.

For the first time this year, the 6 and Under age group played half ice games. There were some skeptics in the beginning, but as the season went along the positive response was overwhelming. The feedback from parents and coaches alike was so strong that we extended half ice games to the second half of the season. It was obvious to see that the development of each player was far greater playing half ice rather than full ice. I truly, appreciated the understanding and patience of each team which made the logistics of moving and sharing dressing rooms and benches more manageable. A full season of half ice games will continue for next year.

The 7 & 8 age group teams played very competitive games. It showed the balance throughout the league. There has been suggestions from coaches on how to improve the games to make them even better. I will look into implementing these changes if possible.

There was also a lot of firsts off ice. The Respect in Sports for parents was introduced, evaluation for coaches, and the central registration. All these were well received, but require minor tweaking to alleviate some minor issues. With the experienced gained from last year, I’m sure many of these minor issues will be resolved.

As we continue to enjoy the warmth of the outdoors, I would like to thank all the coaches, managers, volunteers and especially the parents for their time and effort in allowing their children to enjoy the game of hockey.

As a first year member of the executive, I would also like to thank the executive of REMHA for providing me of just a small glimpse of the amount of commitment it takes to run the association.

Have a great summer!

John Dela Cruz

  REMHA Direct Entry - Year End Report
April 3rd, 2015

Congratulations to all direct entry teams on a really great season. REMHA had 23 teams total participating in the direct entry category for the 2014-2015 season, the team breakdown was as follows:

Division A1 Teams A2 Teams A2 Teams
Minor Peewee (11) 2 2 2
Peewee (12) 2 2 2
Minor Bantam (13) 2 2 1
Bantam (14) 1 1 1
Midget (15,16,17) 1 1 1

Throughout the regular season all the teams had great success while noting the following teams finishing in the top 3rd position or greater at the end of the regular season;

First Place Finishes:

  • East St Paul Aces Minor Peewee A2
  • Gateway Flyers Black Peewee A2

Second Place Finishes:

  • River East Royals White Minor Peewee A1
  • Melrose Predators Minor Peewee A2
  • River East Royals Black Peewee A1
  • Gateway Flyers Minor Bantam A3

Third Place Finishes:

  • Valley Gardens Stars Peewee A3
  • River East Royals Black Minor Bantam A1
  • River East Royals Midget A1
  • Morse Place Eagles Midget A3

While the playoffs were very exciting for all teams, the following teams are noted:

City Champions:

  • Melrose Predators Minor Peewee A2
  • Valley Gardens Stars Peewee A3
  • River East Royals Midget A1


  • River East Royals Black Minor Bantam A1


  • River East Royals White Peewee A1 
  • Gateway Flyers Minor Bantam A3
  • Gateway Flyers Bantam A2
  • Gateway Flyers Midget A2

Special thanks to all the coaches, managers, parents, and many spectators for all your help and support throughout the season. It is with your support that these hockey seasons are possible. A big thank you to all the players for working hard and making the game we all love to watch so exciting.

In closing I would like to wish each and every one a safe and happy summer. As we know it won’t be long till we meet again at the rink.


Richard Tyslau
Vice-President, A Hockey – Direct Entry

  REMHA Female Hockey - Year End Report
March 30th, 2015

Congratulations to all of the female teams for a really great season. Under the Northeast female hockey banner, we had the following teams participate:

  • Novice A2
  • Atom A1/A2
  • Peewee AA/A1/A2
  • Bantam AA/A1/A2
  • Midget A1

All teams did well throughout the season, showing improvement and cohesiveness to end the season strong. Many teams made it through a few rounds of the playoffs, bettering their results from last season.

Congratulations to the Novice A2 Eagles for being this year’s City Champions after sweeping the finals and dominating two games to none! This team dominated in the second half of the season.

Congratulations to the Peewee A2 Eagles who came back from being two games behind in a best of five series and winning the City Championship! Hard fought games and strong determination paid off.

Our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to the many coaches and managers, bench staff, volunteers, and parents who put in endless hours at the rink this season to help our Northeast teams enjoy a successful and FUN season all around.

Have a great “off-season” and I look forward to seeing everyone at the rink in the fall.

Mary-Lynn Hrom
VP Female Hockey REMHA

  REMHA East League - Year End Report
March 23rd, 2015

REMHA entered 19 teams in the East League this season.

  • 8A1 - 3 teams
  • 9A1 - 3 teams
  • 9A2 - 2 teams
  • 9A3 - 2 teams
  • 10A1 - 3 teams
  • 10A2 - 3 teams
  • 10A3 - 3 teams

Regular Season:

  • 8A1 River East Royals Black - 2nd place
  • 10A1 River East Royals Black - 2nd place
  • 10A1 River East Royals White - 3rd place
  • 10A1 River East Royals Grey - 4th place (4 points separating 1st to 4th place)
  • 10A2 Bronx Park Bruins - 1st place
  • 10A2 East St. Paul Aces White - 3rd place
  • 10A3 North Kildonan Cobras - 1st place
  • 10A3 Valley Gardens Stars - 2nd place



  • 10A1 - River East Royals Black - City Finalists

Other notable playoff finishes:

  • 8A1 - River East Royals Black - A and B side final participant
  • 9A3 - Melrose Predators - Final 3 B side participant
  • 10A1 - River East Royals Grey - Final 4 A side participant
  • 10A2 - East St. Paul Aces White - Final 4 A and B side participant
  • 10A3 - North Kildonan Cobras - Final 4 A side; final 3 B side participant
  • 10A3 - Valley Gardens Stars - Final 4 A side participant

I would like to thank the players, coaches, managers, safety persons, parent representatives, parents and families of all River East teams represented in East League. There were thousands of hours of volunteerism in support of minor hockey at this level this past season. Please take the time to thank those involved in making it happen.

Have a safe and happy spring and summer!

Respectfully submitted,

Darren Lysak
Vice-President, A Hockey - East League
River East Minor Hockey Association

  Coaching Development - Hockey Winnipeg Partners with TheDrillBook.com
November 13th, 2014

Coaches and youth hockey players in and around Winnipeg will be the beneficiaries of an exciting new product made available as the result of a partnership between Hockey Winnipeg and TheDrillbook.com. TheDrillbook.com is a free coaching and player development platform that delivers cutting edge on-ice programming, coaching assistance, and practice planning tools.

Coaches registered within Winnipeg Minor Hockey will have the opportunity to utilize the resources available through TheDrillbook.com during the 2014-15 season. 

The platform will custom load information, practice plans and videos based on the age level of team/players. The software is state of the art technology and the delivery system allows coaches to access a wealth of information and knowledge and share this information with their players and parents quickly and easily. Coaches also can build practices in video, and manage all aspects of their team activities.

To access the free resources, coaches can go to www.thedrillbook.com.

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