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  REMHA Practice Ice Schedules
October 21st, 2016

The practice ice schedules for the first half have been sent out to all River East teams.  If your team has not received their schedule please contact our Ice Director, Jernej Anderlic.

  REMHA Changes for the 2016-2017 Hockey Program
Aug 11th, 2016

On June 26th REMHA held its first Executive Meeting and I wish to share the items we will be changing this fall. We will be trying out some ideas that are already being done in some areas and indeed some other countries around the world. At the end of the season we will re-evaluate based on your feedback to determine how these changes were received. I ask for patience, an open mind, and communication on these changes in due course.

  1. House League the 8 & under Development Camp for House League will remain unchanged with the exception it will be expanded to include all 8 year olds that do not make the 8A1 teams.

  2. The in season free development camps that have been offered in the past to all levels of A hockey will continue at the A2 and A3 levels only but expanded to 9 to 14 to reach a larger group of players. Goaltender clinics will remain the same.

  3. 8A1 to 14A1 will be offering 3 to 4 sessions before and after Xmas where teams will share ice and be provided age appropriate skills only practices. These practices will be conducted by a Skills Coach/Team hired by the Association specifically for that purpose & which will affect all levels of hockey in the Association. The skills sessions will help educate coaches and enhance their ability to improve the skills of the players. The cost of these sessions will be paid by both teams paying the full ice fee.

  4. We will be offering High Performance pre-school skates where the top 18 players in the 8A1, 9A1, and 10A1 levels based on the A1 rankings at the September evaluations will be invited to take part in 6 Elite training sessions before Xmas and 6 after Xmas. Cost will be $99.00 per player for each half and will be run by the Skills Coach/Team hired by the Association.

  5. AA Marauders 11 to 14 will be having the REMHA Skills Coach attend 8 practices per season to work on skills at the cost of the team.

The role of a Skills Coach is new to our Area.  Many individual teams in the past have gone out on their own to hire individuals to present certain skill packages to their teams e.g. power skating. The objective is to follow the Hockey Canada Long Term Player Development program and this step should not in any way be construed as a reflection on our individual coaches but reflects the reality that not all coaches have the same skill sets, just like any other profession in society.

Thank you for your support and in due course we will be requesting your feedback via the year end surveys which we would ask you complete so we may properly assess the positives or negatives for future programming.


Bruno Zarrillo
President, REMHA

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